GSR District 9 August 5, 2007


Dyan opened ‘district with the serenity prayer at 6:30 PM.

District Officers present: Dyan-DCM, Gene-Treasurer, Rita-Secretary, Sally-Pink Can

Minutes of the August meeting were passed out and approved.

The Treasurer’s report was discussed and approved.  Pink can total was different-a teller at the bank had to explain to Gene that a roll of quarters is only $10.00 not     $20…Gene passed this along to Sally as they had both miscounted.                                    


Robbie G. SMEO: Connie is back as meeting chair; good meetings; no BDs.


Bruce  ABSI: Attendance is improving, 12 at last meeting. Group is happy to be at the VA. BDs: Charley-6 mos; Steve-2mos.  


Sherney  MWVA: 20 to 25 in attendance; need chairs for both M and W meetings. Mostly inpatients at the meetings. She will also talk to the Hospital staff about an increase in meeting length.


Debbie  M-FPP:Attendance 15 to 20. Some new faces with a few returning.


Earl 12X12: Attendance varies from 3 to 8, No BDs.


Laurie WT: Average 20 per meeting. The treasurer reigned at the last business meeting. 24 hr coins given.


Sally LOTH: 20 to 30 in attendance; discussions going well. Hillary 7 yrs; Craig 9 rs; and Jan 2 yrs.


Sally ordered a case of Daily Reflections and 2 cases of Big Books for the reunion in Sept.


Activities Com. Js meeting this weekend to discuss events for the district,


Groups are in need of schedules.


Money collected: PC-$64.80; 7th T-$7.00.


The meeting was closed w/  the Lord’s Prayer at 7:25.