June 10, 2007

District GSR Meeting


Dyan called the meeting to order with the Serenity Prayer at 6:30 PM

Officers present:

Dyan-DCM;                Duane-Alt DCRM      Rita-Secretary              Gene-Treasurer

Larry-Archives, Schedules, CPC;       Wanda-Answering Service


Minutes of May 6, 2007 were approved as read. The treasurerŐs report was discussed and accepted.

One bill was presented for payment for $4.45 for copies; Lori moved to pay, Kate seconded and the payment was approved.



Robin-EB: 5 to 7 I attendance. Studying the steps and As Bill Sees It.

Larry-TP: Attendance 3 to 10. Having trouble getting a GSR into service.

Lori-LOH Alt: Meetings have strong attendance.

Bruce: ABSI: Attendance 16 to 21. 1 6 mo BD; 1 6 year. Going goood.

Robbie-SMEO: Approximately 20 in attendance. O BDs; Rotating Chairpersons.

Stephen-MWVA-Alt: Wednesday meetings going well with a lot of participation.

Kate-SBB: Welcomed to district as first timer GSR.

Debbie-MFPP: Attendance about 12 steady members. Doug BD-31 years.


Receipt of $18.00 to Pink can, ($6.00 from SMEO; ?  group which gave the rest.


Larry-Passed out remaining Schedules

Archives: Need to purchase a Tote Box

Treatment: Volunteers needed as speakers to share their experience, strength and hope; 4-5 years of sobriety.

Wanda-Answering service: going well; only Wanda and Larry receiving most of the calls; 11 on the list.


GSR 7th Tradition: $8.00


Dyan reminded all that we need to practice principles before personalities; Take only yor own inventory and ask for forgiveness.


The meeting was closed at 7:50 with the LordŐs Prayer.