District 9 GSR Meeting May 6, 2007

Dyan open the meeting with the serenity payer at 6:30

District 9 officers present:

Dyan L: DCM;            Gene A: Treas;            Rita: Secretary;            Jerry: Corrections;           Sally: PC                 Alt. DCM: Duane      


Minutes of April GSR meeting were approved as read

TreasurerŐs report was accepted


GSR reports:

EB: Craig        2-3 usual attendance; Peppy G 21 yr BD, a few new people, group has coins and books.

12X12: Earl     3-9 Group going good.

WT: Jerry:       Attendance 18-20 Average, looking for alt.GSR       

SMEO: Robbie: Attendance 23-25; Plenty of pastries, Birthday Karen 8 yrs.

TOF: John:  Meetings are steady

LOH: Sally: Meetings are healthy, 28-30 in attendance; lo home group members.+6

VA: Shernie: 10 over capacity-fn meetings; a couple of 1 yr. BDs.

VA Alt: Stephen: 20-25 attendance; several 24 hr BDs.        

MFPP: Debbie: Awesome group, 12-20 with drop ins and visitors.

TNO: Stephanie: Average 30, Christin-Chair, Harlan-Sec., several BDs: Visitor Lois-12 yrs, Frank-11mos; Mike-1 year.


Corrections: Jerry reported 18 outsiders at the workshop and had a large turnout. Tuesday meeting has been cancelled for lack of attendance. Meetings will only be on Saturdays.


Pink Can – Sally turned in $75.21


Archives: No report


Answering service: calls are up but only one or two pone numbers are receiving calls.


GSR workshop: only 5 out of 14 groups were represented from this district. Kennewick attendance was very good. Groups need to have alternate GSRs and need to represent their groups at these workshops and at area.


New business: Duane was nominated and elected as the Alternate DCM.

Workshops in June:  Back to Basics at the Andersons on June 16th – 9am to about 3 pm. Bring your own lunch and lawn chair.


Possible workshop on Home Groups date and place still to be decided.

7th Tradition=$9.42


4th of July barbeque and AA potluck at the Andersons: setup at 12:00; lunch served at 1:00 PM; Hosted by SMEO, SBB and District 9.


Meeting was closed at 7:30 with the LordŐs Prayer.