4-1-07 April                                                GSR meeting

 Dyan opened the meeting with the serenity prayer.



Dyan/DCM                      Gene Dist. Treas                        John M

Robin/EB: 23 Average attendance                            

Stephan B.M-W VA: 20-25 in attendance; gave out 2 one year coins

Robbie/SMEO Average attendance about 23.

Sally/Pink Can/LoH 30 attendance-healthy                            

Larry G. /Schedules &TP: 8-15 in attendance; Volunteers/Service going good

Larry H/SBB 20 average attendance / groups going well – one 22 year coin.                    

Lavon/TOF: Group is small, discussion going good.                         

Dave K/MFPP: 15 to 20 in attendance / one 28 year birthday.                      

Bruce/As Bill Sees It: 10 or 11 average attendance/ going good.                        


Minutes of March were read and approved. The TreasurerŐs report was discussed and approved. Gene summarized the literature that the District has on hand. Mini paperback Big Books were recalled or turned back for printing errors. Refunded Language of the Heart $17.50.


Wanda/Ans. Service: going ok, no problems, 27 calls-$27.00 phone bill

CPC:  Dyan asked for a chairperson for that position.  Lavon said she would get back to us on her representing that position.


Pink Can: Sally turned in $105.39. 


Larry G. /Schedules:  Will be out this next week. Archives: nothing new


Discussed the up-coming GSR workshop on April 21st in Waitsburg. Our half is 82.50 w/ 28.08 refunded.

April 21 is also the workshop at the pen.


Meeting closed with the LordŐs Prayer at 8:00 PM.