District 9 March 4, 2007 GSR Meeting


DCM Dyan opened the meting with the serenity prayer at 6:30 PM.

District Officers present:

Dyan L, DCM              Gene A, D Treas                      Larry G—TP and Schedules


GSRs present:

Dave—MFPP         Earl--12x12           Larry H—SBB          Bruce—ABSI      Stephen—WVA Shernie—MVA           Robbie—SMEO           Stephanie—ThNO        Robin—EB      LaVonne—TOF          


Minutes were accepted but were incomplete; they notes were lost.

TreasurerŐs report was approved and accepted. Donations received this evening were 261.28 by recollection of the contributions. (AMMENDED; UPON TALLY OF THE AMOUNTS, THE TREASURER WAS $7.11 SHORT.) See page 2 of the March TreasurerŐs report.


GSR reports:

ThNO: attendance up to 30 recently; 2 BDs/24y & 28y;


EB: attendance: 4 to 5; no BDs


TOF: group is still small, no BDs


T P: attendance up, good discussions


MFPP: attendance 12 to 20, 3 BDs, 10y, 4y & 10 mos.        


12X12: Attendance 5-10, new people coming in, no BDs


SBB: Attendance averages 20; group has 3 meetings per week; 1 BD-20y


ABSI: 15 to 20 in attendance since time and place were moved: 2 BDs-2 & 3 mos


MVA: A quarantine announcement cancelled some meetings/ the issue was resolved and attendance went from 12 to 30; 1 16y BD


DCM—PRAASA report. Report will be made available later.



Archives: no changes

Corrections: no report

Pink Can: $22.86 contributed.

Activities: nothing new.

Pre-conference expenses in District 9; Larry motioned that activities pay the expense of food and District general account pay the rent. Seconded and passed. Food may be donated; the workshop will also be potluck.


GSR workshop: District 9 GSRs agreed to split the cost with District 18.


The meeting was closed with the LordŐs Prayer at 7:25.