2-11-07 February                                                  GSR meeting

 Dyan opened the meeting with the serenity prayer.



Dyan/DCM                      Robin/                            Stevan B.M-W VA

Gene Dist. Treas/SMEO       Stephanie/Thrs Open         John M

Sally/Pink Can/LoH                                                Rita/Dist Sec                           Wanda/Ans. serv.

Larry H/SBB                   Dave K/                          Larry G./Schedules

Lavon/TOF                      Earl/12X12



Minutes of January were read and approved. The TreasurerŐs report was discussed and approved. Gene summarized the literature that the District has on hand.


Answering Service:  Everything going smoothly. Gave schedules to them.


Corrections:  New pen meeting Tuesdays at 6:30 PM. Jerry said they needed daily reflections. M/S/P District to donate 20 Daily reflections to Corrections.


CPC:  Dyan asked for a chairperson for that position.  Lavon said she would get back to us on her representing that position.


Pink Can:  Sally turned in $50.83.  Dyan gave her the Area Lit/Grapevine contact number to inquire about the grapevine. Sally announced the workshop at the corrections center in April and asked for a case of Big Books from the Pink can account. M/S/P to order the case; cost is $124.80.


Schedules:  Informed of the corrections still needing to be changed to the new schedules:  12 X 12 meeting-Closed;   Pen meeting on Tuesday's at 6:30 p.m. Two meetings are listed for Waitsburg; should only be one.


Dyan reported on the January Quarterly. 


Discussed the up-coming Pre-Conference Workshop we are holding on March 10th.  I will find out what the cost will be to supply sub sandwiches.


District agreed to go in with District 18 on a GSR school that is to be held April 21st in Waitsburg.  M/S/P to pay for 1/2 of all expenses.


Meeting closed with the LordŐs Prayer at 8:30 PM.