Minutes of the 11-4-2007 GSR Meeting


Dyan opened the meeting with the serenity prayer at 6:35

District Officers present:

Dyan L: DCM; Gene A: Treasurer; Rita H: Secretary; Wanda G-Answering Service; Larry G-Schedules, Archives, & PI/CPC.  

Minutes of October 7 were read, corrected and approved. The TreasurerŐs report was examined and approved.

Income for November: Early Birds-$30.97, Pink Can-$114.35 reported ($114.33 received), GSR 7th T: 10.50:

A Total of $155.80.


GSRs present with reports:

Kate M: SNBB: Average participation per meeting: FNH2-20, Sat BB Study- 14, SNBB - 8 and WomenŐs meeting - 10. BDŐs Joy 1 yr; Margaret and Lisa 3mos.

Sally H: LOH: Average participation-29.  BD-Sally: 33 yrs.

And Pink Can Rep: $114.35

Robbie G: SMEO: Attendance 15-20, Healthy meetings: 2 BDs-Leah 30 days, Tom 60 days.


Jerry: WT: Average 24 attendance, no BDs.

Laurie: Alt

Earl: 12X12:  Attendance varies-averaging 5, putting along.

Leroy S: TOF:  3-5 in attendance. Encouraging others to attend. 

Bruce: ABS-VA: Attendance 19-25, 4 BDs varying from 1 to 7 mos.

Jim: Rep TNO: Attendance 20-22, Thursday Night will not participate in district anymore.

Wanda: FofBW: no report.

Larry G: TP: 6 to 8 in attendance; Good topics.

Craig: EB: no report


Committee Reports:

Archives: Larry G displayed an old Area handbook from when we were District 26 that had been placed in the District 9 archives along with previous minutes of 1995-98. It has been replaced by the Area 92 handbook. 

Answering Service-22 calls last month.

Corrections: Jerry reported that the groups were going well. Security has been tightened and anyone from outside attending the meetings will have a 25 minute walk to the buildings. Linda Finn on leave and her secretary will be in charge of AA admissions.

Treatment: no contacts

Schedules: some have been returned as not needed.

Activities: Rita reported on the Gratitude banquet: The cooking crew was in ready. JC and Jim would set up tables. Decorations were ready and dishwashers needed.


Unfinished business: Handbook

Jerry suggested that it define job descriptions. A Moved made by Laurie, 2nd by Tami, to reference the AA service manual with the exceptions of the activities committee and district financial business failed. Water Tower presented a procedure for voting that the desired to have included in the minutes. The proposal has been passed to the Handbook steering committee and will be included in the proposed handbook. Water Tower also asked that all groups get to previews the handbook be fore it is approved. The purpose of the Handbook Steering Committee is to compile all ideas submitted and present it to the GSRs to take to their groups and recommend and additions or corrections that they desire, then return to district with their ideas and pass a compilation by the majority of GSRs.

The question was put to the GSRs: ŇDo we want a handbook?Ó and was accepted by the majority.


New business: Dyan announced the resignation and opening of several District Positions: Alternate Treasurer, Schedules chairperson, and Activities Chairperson.


A New Years party, hosted by the District was approved by the GSRs. Gene motioned that the District consider setting aside a sum of money to be used to start a nest egg for raffle prizes. The GSR were asked to take this to their home groups and decide at the December meeting.


Gene moved that the meat, coffee and other needs for the Gratitude banquet be expended from the Activities Fund and expenses for the Speaker come from the general fund. The motion was 2nd and approved.


The meeting was closed with the LordŐs prayer.