WSEA District 9 Minutes January 7, 2007, 6:30 PM


Dyan called the meeting to order with the Serenity Prayer.

District Officers present:

Dyan L: DCM

Robbie G: Alt. DCM

Gene A: Treasurer

Rita H: Secretary

and Activities Chair


GSRs present:

Duane L: Thursday Night Open

Jerry R: Water Tower

and Corrections Chair


Larry H: SBB

Bruce D: AS Bill Sees It

LaVon L: TOF

Robbie G: SMEO

Sally H: LOH and

Pink Can Rep

Earl R: 12 X 12

Craig B: Early Birds

Sherrie W: M-W VA

Stephen B: Alt M-W VA


Minutes were reviewed, corrected and accepted.

Corrections to December Minutes: Linda Finn is contact at the Pen.

District Literature: Book update 5 BB, 9 PC BB, 14 12X12, 2 SC 12X12 and 34 Daily Reflections.


TreasurerŐs report was approved and accepted.


Group reports:

Thurs. Open: Attendance has been down, averaging 5 per meeting.


12X12: Attendance has been poor; 7 last Friday; Time & Place moving to Sunday 2:00 PM in the Fireside Room at the 1st Congregational.


SBB: Attitudes stable, meetings going smoothly.


TOF: Reported one birthday of 22 years.


Water Tower: Reported 5 birthdays.


SMEO: 1 BD of 13 years.


Wed VA: 20-30 attendance; good program.


M-VA: attendance has dropped to 18.


LOH: Healthy and generous meetings.

Early Birds: GSR moving, Craig is alternate GSR and will get together w/ Peggy to get updates.


Answering Service: Gene reported that the bill has been 2 or 3 dollars for the last several months instead of the $27 to $30 per month as it has been for first half of the year. This yearŐs total payments have been half of the previous years. Some people had been calling daily to find out when the meetings were scheduled for that day. These calls were charged to the District and were unnecessary. Those members were obligated to get a schedule for their information at any meeting that they attend. The Hotline Call List was discussed; it needs to be updated as there are several who have moved away and are still listed.

Dyan L. sought answers to some questions that have arisen: The Area delegate Dave McCallum said that any District Officer can question a bill or payment if it seems unusual.

Dave also said that there is nothing in writing or in concepts or traditions that would not allow a group conscience to close a meeting. Sally said that since our schedule is posted, someone from out of town may be looking for a meeting and that is why it should be maintained.


Corrections: Jerry reported that there are presently 3 groups meeting at the pen and that a fourth brand new meeting will start Tuesday, January 9, 2007.

Schedules: Groups are running low on schedules and more are needed. We also have some updated times and places.


A motion to buy a case of Big Books to thank the VA for the use of the Theater New YearŐs Eve was made by Gene and Seconded by Duane. The money was to come from the Activities Fund. The motion was amended to take half the cost from Pink Can money and half from Activities; the motion passed.


Shernie questioned if it would be proper to have a pink can at the VA. Sally said that hospitals were to be recipients of pink can funds and should therefore not be asked to contribute to the same.

Dyan announced the Area Quarterly in Kennewick on Jan. 13th and asked to be funded for PRAASA. The GSRs agreed that that would be worthwhile and accepted her request.


Robbie announced that he does not wish to continue as Alternate DCM. The District will seek a replacement for this position.


Income for January is $851.80 with 513.23 in expenses.

$93.79 was received from Pink Can donations

$8.01 was received from the GSR 7th Tradition.


The meeting was closed with the LordŐs Prayer.